Sunday, July 17, 2011

In Lovely Memory of our Dear Friend Fonz, the Fabuloso Fonzerelli

By Belkis Cuza Malé

My friend Louise Brawley sent me the last week an email with the sad news: our dear friend Fonz passed away in January 26, 2011. Unfortunatelly we were unable to know about until now. But in order all his friends and fans get the correct information, I am posting here these two emails that Louise (Nita) sent me with details about.

My name is Carol Bradley. Fonz passed away in his home January 26, 2011. I was with him when he died. He was in a hospice facility for about 3 weeks and I chose to bring him home and stayed with him 24/7 until he couldn't make it any longer. He was so happy when he died. He had found the Lord and he loved me living with and taking care of him. Thank you for you concern and please feel free to contact me. Fonz and I have been very special friends for about 10 years. We also sang together. He was the one who got me started and I am not continuing where he left off. However, I am not fortunate enough to have that deep baratone voice. He was one in a million. Refresh my memory -- your not the one who sent him the delicious salmon - are you?

Again, thank you for inquiring. I tried to contact everyone but guess I missed you.

Best Regards,

Carol Bradley


Thanks for letting me hear from you. I would appreciate your letting Belkis know about Fonz. I do remember you now. We met at the Admiral Inn Hotel, Reflection Lounge. Tell Belkis to feel free to contact me and let anyone who might be interested know. He was a wonderful man and I sure do miss him. He was a part of my life for a long time. I do have one of his CD's that I could send you an Belkis if you would like. I had a beautiful memorial service for him. There was around 150 people there and I had 17 entertainers from his past. It was catered at a seafood restaurant so I gave him a beautiful sendoff. I know he was pleased as we discussed it prior to his passing. I do hope you will keep in touch and maybe we could get together for lunch or something and maybe you could even come to one of my performances sometime. I want to keep his past alive. He donated his body to science so it will be about 9-12 months before I have his ashes. I will give part of them to his family and I will take some and scatter them over the new Cowboy Stadium as he was so crazy about the Cowboys. He lived for football season.

Anyway, take care and keep in touch.

Best Regards,

Rest in peace, dear Fonz. We will always remember you, your talent, your kindness, your friendship. And I will remember you singing in Spanish in La Casa Azul the lovely song Cuando salí de Cuba, that you learned, not matter you didnt speak Spanish, in honor your Cuban friend.

Thanks to my friend Karin Aldrey who created this video in Memory of Fonz. Thanks also Carol for your dedication and love to Fonz.

God Bless you all,


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